Social responsibility

Our responsibility towards our employees

Our employees constitute our company. Hence, we promote an environment in which personal performance and talents are recognised, versatility is appreciated and a healthy balance between work and leisure time is important. Our employees’ health is essential to us. Therefore, we offer sustainable preventive measures such as back therapy training, massage at the workplace, various sports activities and comprehensive occupational medical care.

Our responsibility for sustainable development

Ferdinand A. Lange was always concerned about the welfare of his Saxon homeland and its people. It is in his spirit that we are committed to the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development. As the largest local employer, we remain dedicated to the promotion of young talent and our employees within a pan-regional scope as well as to environmentally friendly production. We also have strict requirements regarding the quality of our raw material sources.

Alligator leather

As a long-standing member of the “Internationaler Reptilleder Verband” (IRV), A. Lange & Söhne rigorously abides by the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The alligator leather used for our straps is sourced exclusively from alligator farms in the USA where ethical animal husbandry principles are upheld. The leather trade is strictly monitored as well. The species protection seal on the alligator leather strap of a new Lange watch includes a registration number that is checked by customs officials when imported; it allows each strap to be traced back to the source.


Owners of a Lange watch can be certain that their timepieces do not bear any diamonds that were mined or traded under inhumane circumstances. This is assured by well-established partnerships with our suppliers. Every invoice for every precious stone contains an affidavit that it comes from legitimate sources. Moreover, our diamond purchases are governed by the System of Warranties, a strict monitoring practice under the auspices of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. In particular, we can expressly assure that none of the diamonds we buy comes from Marange in Zimbabwe or Myanmar, regions that have come under criticism for serious human rights violations. Additionally, an independent laboratory verifies the quality of all diamonds that we purchase.

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