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The ODYSSEUS by A. Lange und Sӧhne

Perfection in Movement.


An exceptional timepiece that embodies everything we stand for – this is the new ODYSSEUS. For our first sporty-elegant watch with a case made of stainless steel, we subjected our entire thinking to strict scrutiny and developed a tailor-made movement. Not only is obsession with detail in our very nature, but we firmly believe there is no way around precise craftsmanship to reach our goal of Perfection in Movement.

Intriguingly different.

We have developed a new, sophisticated and inimitable design for the new ODYSSEUS. Endowed with prominent edges, the watch is perfect for use on weekends or during leisure activities such as hiking, swimming and sailing. The intricately hand-finished pieces are protected with a water-resistant case made of steel, a screw-down crown and a screwed caseback. The outsize date and the large day-of-week display ensure easy-to-read information even under subpar light conditions. Because only you know where you are headed. And the ODYSSEUS is ready to break new ground.

The ODYSSEUS by A. Lange und Sӧhne
The ODYSSEUS with blue dial in stainless steel


This watch will come along, wherever you go – and it has a story about patience and perfection to tell.


Reassuringly familiar.

At A. Lange & Söhne, we find no rest until we have the best solution for each model. For the new ODYSSEUS, this meant that our watchmakers and engineers developed a tailor-made movement from the ground up. To guarantee high-rate accuracy regardless of external factors, the newly designed balance operates at a frequency of 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour (4 hertz). Fitting to their respective form and function, all parts undergo an elaborate finishing, as is our custom. This even applies to the parts hidden from view. Additionally, many traditional hallmarks of our watchmaking artistry can be found, such as plates and bridges made of German silver or the screwed gold chaton. And of course, you will never come across a watch of ours whose movement has not been assembled twice.

Calibre L155.1 ODYSSEUS
ODYSSEUS Calibre L155.1 Front and Back

Calibre L155.1 DATOMATIC

Number of parts: 312

Number of rubies: 31

Number of chatons: 1

Power reserve: 50 hours when fully wound

Oscillation system:

Frequency: 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour

Beat-adjustment system: Shock-resistant balance with four poising screws

Movement measures: Diameter: 32,9 mm; height: 6,2 mm

For the love of perfection.


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A class of its own.

The ODYSSEUS’ key features.



ODYSSEUS Bracelet and Buckle

Bracelet and buckle.

The stainless-steel bracelet is highly comfortable to wear. Its length can be adjusted by up to 7 millimetres in small steps without opening the safety deployant buckle. Embossed with the Lange signature, the pusher just needs to be gently pressed and the bracelet can be pulled or pushed to alter the length.


How to adjust the bracelet

ODYSSEUS Water Resistance up to 12 bar

Water resistance.

The ODYSSEUS is the first Lange watch with a water-resistant case made of steel, which also features a screwed caseback and screw-down crown. Its tapered buttons are specially sealed. With this construction, the ODYSSEUS withholds a test pressure of 12 bar and can be worn for swimming and other activities.

ODYSSEUS Escapement System

New escapement system.

The ODYSSEUS’ calibre operates at a comparatively high frequency of 4 hertz. This makes it less sensitive to external factors. The counter-sunk poising screws ensure there is less turbulence despite the higher frequency. Together with the freely oscillating balance spring made in-house, the minimised air resistance has a positive impact on the movement’s rate accuracy and energy efficiency.

ODYSSEUS Outsized Day and Date Display

Outsize date and day-of-week display.

Opposite the Lange outsize date in the classic double aperture on the right, an equally large day-of-week display is located on the left side of the dial. The numerals and letters are set in white against a blue background. With a size of 2.4 millimetres, they are clearly legible without a magnifying glass. They are part of a mechanism that was developed especially for the ODYSSEUS.

ODYSSEUS Automatic Calibre

Automatic calibre.

The automatic manufacture calibre L155.1 DATOMATIC, tailor-made for the ODYSSEUS, has a diameter of 32.9 millimetres. It completely fills the case. The central rotor with its centrifugal mass made of platinum provides a reliable energy supply. It is adorned with the raised DATOMATIC lettering, which stands for the combination of date and automatic winding.

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