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The best mechanical solution

Micromechanical ingenuity is the priority in the SAXONIA watch family – regardless of whether for a model with the basic functions or for a particularly complicated one. Thus, the focus in the development and design of a SAXONIA is always on finding the best conceivable – which means technically optimised and aesthetically perfect – mechanical solution. With its name, the SAXONIA refers to the state of Saxony. Within Germany, it has consistently been the vanguard of technical progress.

SAXONIA – mechanical virtuosity

The SAXONIA watch family

With its name, the SAXONIA refers to the state of Saxony, which within Germany has consistently been a powerhouse as regards technical progress. For instance, the first German steam locomotive, named SAXONIA, was built here in 1839. A few years later, Saxon Ferdinand Adolph Lange demonstrated his pioneering spirit as well. His quest for perfection and the continuous improvement of mechanical designs are still cornerstones of our philosophy today. The models of this watch family reflect these pursuits.

Thinking from the inside out

The development of a SAXONIA starts with the movement. The issue is not to incorporate as many parts as possible or to maximise complexity. The exact opposite is true. What counts is the mechanical essence. For example, the SAXONIA THIN – the so far thinnest A. Lange & Söhne watch – is a member of the SAXONIA watch family.

Design challenges

A. Lange & Söhne’s master watchmakers are regularly confronted with design challenges when they develop new movements. Frequently, the outcome is totally new and innovative approaches such as the world’s first triple rattrapante mechanism. What is equally important is the emphasis on optimising proven, existing solutions. Even the mechanisms of comparatively simple watches dedicated to the display of hours, minutes, and seconds are systematically refined. This particular approach to the SAXONIA watch family not only inspires extraordinary mechanisms, it also results in articulate, timeless designs.

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Double and triple rattrapante mechanism
Double and triple rattrapante mechanism
A double or triple rattrapante mechanism allows comparative or lap-time measurements of events that last as long as twelve hours.
Outsize date
Outsize date
The A. Lange & Söhne outsize date enables a date display with digits around three times as large as those in watches of comparable dimensions.
Finishing and engraving
Finishing and engraving
The art of finishing movements ranks high in our manufacture. No matter whether large or infinitesimal, whether clearly visible or hidden, almost every part is decorated by hand. Different techniques are used: every component is assigned its own individual type of finish, the sum total a harmonious overall appearance.

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