Assembly of a blued screw in an A. Lange & Söhne manufacture calibre

Overhaul and repair

Despite elaborate surface treatment of all individual parts and careful lubrication with resin-free, synthetic oils and greases, every mechanical watch is subject to wear. A regular overhaul by our service watchmakers ensures that your Lange watch functions as perfectly as on the first day over the long term.

An A. Lange & Söhne watchmaker carefully assembles the small parts of a movement.


Service price list
Insertion of the three-quarter plate of an A. Lange & Söhne manufacture calibre.


Service request

Please note that due to the current situation, longer processing times for revisions and repairs in our service centers are to be expected.


  • Assessment 1


    Whether you hand in your watch to one of our boutiques, a Lange dealer or the manufactory – an initial assessment is always carried out first of all. This is first and foremost about taking note of your wishes. After all, one person’s unsightly scratch on the case is another person’s personal memory they wish to keep.


    You can approve the costs for a regular overhaul of the movement and/or the case directly on the spot. If we recommend additional work, you will receive a cost estimate. Should a guarantee incident occur, please provide the guarantee documents or a copy of the guarantee with the watch.

  • Transport 2


    Submitting a Lange watch to an authorised Lange dealer or boutique for overhaul is the easiest and most convenient way to perfect service. Particularly complex watches are all maintained and repaired in the manufactory, without exception. Depending on distance and import regulations, transport may take several days – and in exceptional cases even weeks. 

  • Diagnostics 3


    As soon as your timepiece arrives at our service centre, precise diagnostics will be performed by our service watchmakers. These include a visual inspection, a check of precision results and all functions and a magnetisation check.

  • Cost estimate 4


    If the costs have not yet been approved when the watch is provided, or if it has been established that additional work is necessary, you will receive a cost estimate. Once you approve this, work can begin.



  • Overhaul and repair 5


    Several steps are involved in the overhaul or repair of the movement and the refurbishment of the case.


  • Return transport and collection 6


    Once your watch has successfully passed all of the concluding tests, we send it back. Your boutique or Lange dealer will let you know once your watch is ready for collection.


  • Guarantee for overhaul and repair 7


    After an overhaul or repair, the watch leaves the service in perfect condition. That’s why you receive another 24-month guarantee on all parts affected by the maintenance or repair.


Case refurbishment


1. Disassembly and cleaning

A watchmaker corrects the position of the lugs on the case

2. Lug correction

A thin precious-metal wire is fused onto the case with laser pulses

3. Repairing scratches and notches (laser welding)

The case, lugs, pushers, crown, and clasp are polished with a wool wheel and polishing paste

4. Polishing

A watchmaker checks and assembles all parts of the watch before it is forwarded to the final inspection point

5. Cleaning and assembly


Movement overhaul

Screws, wheels, and movement parts of an A. Lange & Söhne timepiece

1. Disassembly and cleaning


Once the watch is uncased, the movement and case are separated and the dial and hand are removed, the movement is disassembled into its individual parts. The parts are then thoroughly degreased and cleaned with special liquids.

A watchmaker inspects the parts and function of a movement

2. Inspection and refurbishment


The individual movement parts are now carefully scrutinised. Depending on the model, the watchmakers may have to examine several hundreds of parts, which are replaced if they exhibit even the slightest damage or sign of wear. 

A watchmaker places a wheel in the movement with tweezers

3. Assembly and lubrication


The movement is then reassembled with great care. The bearings and functional surfaces are lubricated with the oil dispenser, a tiny metal needle along which a droplet of oil can glide. Different oils and greases are used to do this. They are applied to the respective defined oil point in precise quantities. This allows your watch to continue running smoothly for many years to come.

A watchmaker checks the oscillation timing and thus the rate accuracy of a movement

4. Adjusting


Once the rate accuracy of the watch has been checked with a timing apparatus, it is adjusted in five different positions. With minimal shifts of weight, the balance is poised and the duration of its oscillations is gradually optimised to guarantee maximum rate accuracy.

A watchmaker positions the movement in the refurbished case

5. New seals


All seals are renewed to prevent the penetration of water and dirt. This affects both the glass seals on the bezel and base glass as well as case seals on the middle section, the crown and all push pieces.

Timepiece in the bedding-in phase on a winder

6. Test and final inspection


All mechanisms on the fully assembled movement are checked to ensure they are functioning perfectly. This is followed by a several-day bedding-in phase on a watch winder and a power-reserve inspection. The reassembly of the movement and case is followed by a second several-day test phase. In the stringent final inspection of the watch, alongside the visual refurbishment, it is examined for water resistance, functions and rate accuracy one last time.