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Starting to the second The patented ZERO-RESET mechanism

Dial of the 1815 TOURBILLON in pink gold

The patented ZERO-RESET mechanism is a Lange-specific convenience feature. It enables fast and precise timesetting. When the crown is pulled, the movement stops and the seconds hand jumps to zero. This allows the minute hand to be precisely aligned with the respective minute marker, and the watch can be accurately restarted, for instance when an acoustic time signal sounds. This makes it particularly easy to synchronise the watch.

The ZERO-RESET mechanism

Display: Convenient time-setting. The zero-reset mechanism. Under a transparent representation of the RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS the zero-reset mechanism is shown and correctly positioned. After removal of the watch outlines, the operation of the mechanism is shown several times from different perspectives. The zero-reset hammer strikes the heart cam and drives it, together with the seconds hand, to the zero position. The mechanism finishes by turning to the rear-side view. Individual components are named.

The mechanism consists of a complex lever system that presses a zero-reset lever against a heart-shaped cam. The seconds hand is attached to the same arbor on which the heart cam rotates. When the heart cam is pivoted into its initial position by the zero-reset lever, this also causes the seconds hand to jump to zero. Pushing the crown home again instantly restarts the movement and with it the seconds hand.


In a modified, even more complex form, this mechanism can also be found in the 1815 TOURBILLON except that here, the tourbillon must be stopped instead of the balance. 

Sketch of the ZERO-RESET mechanism of the 1815 TOURBILLON

The ZERO-RESET mechanism of the 1815 TOURBILLON

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