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As dazzling as the moon itself

Guilloching is a traditional decorative technique based on curved lines. It was formerly used primarily on securities as a forgery-proof authenticity feature. The complex patterns add a fascinating aesthetic dimension to watches and jewellery. The guilloched dial of the LITTLE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE sets an impressive stage for the earth’s companion. Its exceptional argenté-coloured lunar disc perfectly complements the solid-gold dial.

The LITTLE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE with guilloched, argenté-coloured dial in a 36.8-millimetre pink gold case.
The guilloched dial of the LITTLE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE with the argenté-coloured lunar disc is the perfect showcase for the earth’s companion.

The movement also reflects lofty aspirations with respect to aesthetics and artisanship. Nine different finissage techniques, including artistic decorations, polishes and engravings, are used to adorn the surfaces of the movement parts. Suspended beneath the hand-engraved balance cock of the LITTLE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE, the escapement – consisting of a balance wheel with eccentric poising weights and a freely oscillating Lange balance spring – beats at a frequency of 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour.

Movement L121.2

Number of movement parts


Number of rubies


Number of screwed gold chatons


Power reserve

72 hours when fully wound

Oscillation system

Frequency: 21600 semi-oscillations per hour

Beat-adjustment system: Screw balance

Movement measures

Diameter: 30.6 mm; height: 5.7 mm

Movement Movement
Movement Movement