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LANGE 1 family

A timekeeper for cosmopolites

Tokyo, Dubai, Berlin: With the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, you literally have the world on your wrist. It displays the time at home and in another time zone in one glance. Ring-shaped day/night displays and the daylight-saving time indication for the second time zone expand the already high degree of functionality.

This year, A. Lange & Söhne launches a new variation of this ingeniously constructed time-zone watch in 950 platinum with a rhodium-coloured dial. The monochrome colour combination adds a timeless elegance to the technical sophistication.

At home around the world

The simultaneous display of two zone times is one of the most useful additional functions in precision watchmaking and is highly valued by globally interconnected watch connoisseurs. In 2005, A. Lange & Söhne endowed this complication with a distinctive face in the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE. In addition to home time, this unique timepiece displayed the time in a second zone, easily selected thanks to the cities on the city ring representing 24 time zones.

In its second generation, presented in 2020, the cosmopolitan model was equipped with the new manufacture calibre L141.1, featuring an intuitive indication of daylight-saving time. Now, the new edition of the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE showcases a 950 platinum case combined with a rhodium-coloured dial made of solid silver, resulting in a decidedly classic look.

Sophisticated time-zone mechanism

The new edition of the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, presented three years ago, once again embodied the innovative power and creativity of the Lange watchmakers, complemented by the lucid design. The objective was to combine sophisticated micromechanical engineering with a timeless design while assuring superb legibility.

By placing the ring with the 24 reference cities on the periphery, the distinctive, off-centre dial architecture of the LANGE 1 watch family is not impaired. Home time and zone time, the outsize date and the power-reserve indicator are all clearly visible at any given time.

While the larger time circle indicates home time, the smaller time circle displays the time in a second time zone.

When the corrector button at 8 o’clock is actuated, the city ring switches in the easterly direction by one time zone. At the same time, the hour hand in the small subsidiary dial advances by one hour and now indicates the zone time of the city ‒ and corresponding time zone ‒ at which the gold applied arrow marker points.

The indication of daylight-saving time constitutes a refined technical feature.

A colour segment in the arrow indicates whether the selected city and time zone implement daylight-saving time; if this is the case, the small aperture is filled in red, and if standard time is observed in this location all year round, the background remains unchanged.

The day/night indicators

To distinguish between day and night in both time zones, the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE features coloured ring-shaped day/night indicators linked to the hour hands. They are placed in the centre of each time circle and inform the wearer whether the respective time indication is valid for the first or the second half of the day.

When the hour hand is in the dial-coloured area, the display refers to the interval between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.; when the blue background appears, it refers to the interval between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Unique synchronization mechanism

Additionally, the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE is endowed with an ingeniously designed synchronisation mechanism that allows the zone time to be transferred from the smaller subsidiary dial to the larger one, thus making it possible to define a new main time as home time.

When the crown is pulled in the second position, the times of both zones can be adjusted synchronously. However, if the time-zone correction button is pressed and held, the hour hand of the zone-time dial will be stopped in its position. Now, the defined new main time can be set independently of the zone time. Finally, it may be necessary to correct the outsize date, which is connected with main time, by actuating the date correction button at 10 o’clock.


Close-up of movement L141.1

Manufacture calibre L141.1

The movement of the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, the manufacture calibre L141.1, assures a power reserve of 72 hours, despite having only one mainspring barrel. Further technical highlights include a classic screw balance and a freely oscillating balance spring crafted in-house and calibrated for a frequency of 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour.

Lange-typical quality hallmarks such as the three-quarter plate made of untreated German silver, screwed gold chatons, blued screws, an elaborate whiplash precision index adjuster as well as a balance cock and an intermediate-wheel cock ‒ both hand-engraved ‒ are visible through the sapphire-crystal caseback. The hand-crafted decoration of the movement, which is assembled twice, reflects A. Lange & Söhne’s high standards in every single detail.

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