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LANGE 1 TOURBILLON „25th Anniversary“

Crowning finale of the anniversary collection

In a 25-watch limited edition in white gold, the LANGE 1 TOURBILLON “25th Anniversary” completes the ten-part special series that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the LANGE 1. The 38.5-millimetre white-gold case sets the stage for a solid-silver, argenté-coloured dial that contrasts with the blued steel hands. Suspended between two diamond endstones, the one-minute tourbillon features a stop-seconds mechanism. The patented system is clearly visible in a generous aperture in the dial and through the glass units disc of the outsize date.

A glance through the sapphire-crystal caseback also reveals superb craftsmanship, down to the very last detail. Lavish engravings decorate the tourbillon bridge as well as the intermediate-wheel cock. The colour concept of the dial is echoed in the blue-filled recesses of the engraving. The unifying anniversary collection signature, a reliefed depiction of the outsize date, is located on the intermediate-wheel cock.

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1 的型號 LANGE 1 TOURBILLON „25th Anniversary“

部機芯 L961.4

Number of movement parts




Number of screwed gold chatons



72 小時動力儲備(完全上鏈狀態下)

Oscillation system

振頻: 21600 每小時振頻

微調系統: 偏心砝碼


直徑: 30.6 mm; 厚度 5.9 mm