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The following applies to watches sold or presented for guarantee service in any country except the USA, Canada and Australia (for the USA/Canada, see Lange Limited Warranty; for Australia, see Lange Guarantee for Australia).

This watch has been made according to the strict quality standards of Lange Uhren GmbH and with all the care of highly qualified watchmakers. Nevertheless, should this watch prove defective, please hand out your watch to an authorised Lange Retailer, Lange Boutique or directly contact one of the authorised Lange Service Centres located around the world (see enclosed list of authorised Lange Retailers, Lange Boutiques and Lange Service Centres, our website, or call us at +49 35053 440); only the aforesaid are authorised to provide guarantee service as defined in this International Lange Guarantee.

Lange guarantees this product against all material and manufacturing defects for two years after the date of purchase. Thereafter, the repair will be subject to a service charge. In order to benefit from this International Lange Guarantee you will be required to present this book with the Lange Guarantee Seal, duly completed, dated (including the date of purchase), stamped and signed by an authorised Lange Retailer or Lange Boutique.

This International Lange Guarantee does not cover defects and damages due to loss, theft or fire. Nor does it include defects and damages resulting from deliberate misuse or negligence, or from accident. Further, this International Lange Guarantee does not cover defects and damages caused by improper use (knocks, dents, crushing, etc.), normal wear and tear, alteration, dismantling or repair by anyone other than an authorised Lange Service Centre or the use of components other than those recommended by Lange. This International Lange Guarantee also excludes watches with the serial number removed. Any work on the watch may only be undertaken by one of the authorised Lange Service Centres for the guarantee to remain valid.

This International Lange Guarantee gives you specific rights; you may also have additional rights that vary from country to country.