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The first-hour icon

The LANGE 1 is the icon of our Saxon manufactory. Hardly any timepiece won more awards in the past decades. When the first four watches were presented in 1994 after A. Lange & Söhne was incorporated anew, it became the focus of interest and since then has symbolised a courageous new beginning as well as the continuation of a long-standing horological tradition.

Front view of the Lange 1 in yellow gold
The LANGE 1 has an extraordinary dial design with Lange’s typical outsize date.

The special status of this timepiece is rooted in the combination of traditional elements of Saxon watchmaking artistry and an extraordinary dial design paired with useful innovations such as Lange’s typical outsize date. The design of the LANGE 1 follows a clear-cut principle: all displays are arranged off-centre, forming an isosceles triangle. The date is indicated in a gold frame with numerals that are about three times larger than those in watches of comparable dimensions.

The legend among Lange watches: LANGE 1

The short film shows the details that make a LANGE 1 so unique: the solid gold crown, the large date and the way it changes, the beating screwed balance, the AUF/AB (UP/DOWN) power-reserve indication and the perfectly finished movement. It also shows how to operate the watch properly.

Discover the models

6 Models of the LANGE 1

Movement L121.1

Number of movement parts


Number of rubies


Number of screwed gold chatons


Power reserve

72 hours when fully wound

Oscillation system

Frequency: 21600 semi-oscillations per hour

Beat-adjustment system: Screw balance

Movement measures

Diameter: 30.6 mm; height: 5.7 mm

Movement Movement