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In a race against time

The DOUBLE SPLIT is the worldʼs first mechanical chronograph with a double-rattrapante function. It features two chronograph hands and two rattrapante hands. Both pairs of hands can be stopped separately. Additionally, the stopped rattrapante hands can rejoin the still running chronograph hands. This allows purely mechanical comparative and intermediate time measurements of events lasting up to 30 minutes.

Close-up of movement L001.1 of the DOUBLE SPLIT

Movement L001.1

The upper button in the right-hand case flank starts and stops the chronograph hands, the lower one resets them to zero. The flyback function is activated when the lower button is pressed while the chronograph hands are running. This allows the hands to be stopped, reset to zero and restarted for a new measurement in one single step. When the button in the left-hand case flank is actuated, the rattrapante hands will stop to display a first intermediate time. This action reveals the rattrapante hands because previously, they were hidden beneath the running chronograph hands. When the button is pressed again, the rattrapante hands catch up with the chronograph hands and run synchronously with them.

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Chronographs and their manufacture movements have been flagship products of A. Lange & Söhne since 1999.
Flyback mechanism
Flyback mechanism
The precisely jumping minute counter and the flyback function have been two features of Lange chronographs since 1999.
Rattrapante mechanism
Rattrapante mechanism
The development of the rattrapante function appeared to have ended until A. Lange & Söhne presented the DOUBLE SPLIT in 2004.

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