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The new LANGE 1 TIME ZONE At home around the world

From the very beginning, the LANGE 1 defined new standards in precision watchmaking. Worldwide, it was recognised as a symbol of Lange’s quest for perfection. The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE has been part of this family since 2005. Now, it comes in a new edition with a newly developed movement and a subtly modified dial. It is available in 18-carat pink gold and white gold as well as in a yellow-gold version of 100 watches. The case has a diameter of 41.9 millimetres and a height of 10.9 millimetres.

The world at a glance

The new LANGE 1 TIME ZONE now connects the world more closely than ever before. It is designed for people who work and communicate in a globally networked world. Its dial indicates home time and the current time in a second time zone at a single glance. The larger time circle indicates the time at home and is linked to the outsize date. A second zone time is displayed in the smaller time circle. The second time zone is conveniently settable with a switchable city ring that indicates all 24 time zones. When the time zone button at 8 o’clock is pressed, the city ring jumps from west to east by one time zone. At the same time, the hour hand of the small subsidiary dial advances by one hour. Pressing the time zone button 24 times corresponds to a trip around the world.

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The day/night indicators

Visually, the new LANGE 1 TIME ZONE differs from its predecessor mainly with the day/night indicators for home and zone time. They are positioned in the centres of the two time circles. In connection with the hour hand, they indicate whether the displayed time is daytime or night-time. Featuring blue printed semicircles, the discs rotate once about their axes in 24 hours, while the hour hand performs two revolutions in the same period. The blue semicircle represents the time from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. (night-time), while the opposite semicircle applies to the time from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (daytime). The position of the hour hand on the disc allows a rough estimate of the current time of day or night.


Another design modification on the dial applies to the inscriptions. A new, somewhat finer font has been chosen. Additionally, the dots between the city names on the city ring are accentuated with grey.

The indication of daylight-saving time

The new indication of daylight-saving time provides further guidance. It is located in a small aperture within the gold arrow applique at 5 o’clock. If the segment is red, the selected city has a daylight-saving time arrangement. In this case, one hour has to be added to the zone time from the spring to the autumn in the northern hemisphere and from late summer to the spring in the southern hemisphere. If standard time applies in the city year-round, the display shows a white background. This feature is technically implemented with coding on the underside of the city ring.

A global movement

The calibre L141.1 is the 65th movement developed in our manufactory. The technical details include a classic screw balance and a freely oscillating balance spring from our in-house production. It beats at a frequency of 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour or 3 Hz. 


The open wheel train is clearly visible through the sapphire-crystal caseback of the watch. It establishes the link between home time and zone time and ensures that the zone time is continuously driven. An outstanding detail is the intermediate wheel, which is held by the hand-engraved intermediate wheel cock and supported in a triple-screwed gold chaton.


The axes had to be repositioned to implement the new day/night indicators and the daylight-saving time indication. This required a redesign of the entire movement. In the process, the twin mainspring barrel was replaced by a single barrel, as was already the case with the GRAND LANGE 1. The maximum power reserve is still 72 hours. These modifications are referenced with the inscription “GANGRESERVE 72 STUNDEN” (POWER RESERVE 72 HOURS) at 7 o’clock, which replaces the previous “DOPPELFEDERHAUS” (TWIN MAINSPRING BARREL) indication.


The hand-finished movement, which is assembled twice, makes the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE a masterpiece for people around the world who share our love and passion for precision mechanical timepieces. With these assets, the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE answers the questions of a globally networked world in a purely mechanical manner

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