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Triple Split



The TRIPLE SPLIT is limited to 100 watches in white gold


The TRIPLE SPLIT benchmarks the current state of the art in rattrapante function developments. Additional rattrapante hands on the minute and hour counters make it possible to stop lap and reference times that last as long as twelve hours. This required the design of a new manufacture movement of incomparable complexity.

A Triple Split from the front view

The ultimate chronograph

With additional split-seconds hands for the TRIPLE SPLIT’s minute and hour counters, split and reference times can be stopped for a period of up to 12 hours.

The first and only split-seconds chronograph in the world that can measure additive and comparative times for as long as twelve hours is in a league of its own. With the rattrapante minute and hour counters, the TRIPLE SPLIT expands the measuring range of the rattrapante function by a factor of 24, simultaneously breaking the previous house record. The development and design of such a chronograph reasserts the ambition of A. Lange & Söhne to continuously push the limits of mechanical timekeeping.

The full potential of the rattrapante function

With additional split-seconds hands for the TRIPLE SPLIT’s minute and hour counters, split and reference times can be stopped for a period of up to 12 hours.

In 2004, the DOUBLE SPLIT was launched as the first chronograph with a dual rattrapante function. This increased the range for lap-time measurements from 60 seconds to 30 minutes. Now, the TRIPLE SPLIT goes a step further: With the addition of a third, separately stoppable hand pair, the chronograph and rattrapante functions can be used for measurements that last up to 12 hours. This allows the potential of the split-seconds chronograph to be tapped in full for the first time.

The pinnacle of chronograph design

TRIPLE SPLIT calibre L132.1 with its exquisitely detailed choreography of click wheels, levers, springs, clutches and catches.

Consisting of 567 parts, the newly developed manufacture calibre L132.1 expresses the determination of A. Lange & Söhne to continually transcend the boundaries of mechanical timekeeping. The three-fold rattrapante mechanism confronted the calibre designers with formidable technical challenges. Multi-allotment arbor configurations require the ultimate in dexterity and extreme patience in adjusting the endshakes. A glance through the sapphire-crystal caseback reveals much of the elaborately finished chronograph movement, leaving no doubt as to the staggering complexity of the assignment.

”There were days when we thought that this can’t possibly work.”

A. Lange & Söhne calibre designer

A new dimension in timekeeping

The usability of the chronograph has been substantially extended with the rattrapante mechanisms for seconds, minutes and hours. Thus, the TRIPLE SPLIT can now precisely measure and compare multi-hour single and additive times, an unlimited number of intermediate times, reference times, and two concurrently started events to an accuracy of one-sixth of a second.

The TRIPLE SPLIT can, for instance, compare the times of two opponents in a Formula 1 race, a Tour de France leg or a marathon. It can also record the times of consecutively starting events, such as the outbound and return legs of a long-haul flight. Also, it is possible to add the times of multi-hour events, such as the duration of individual Ironman disciplines. Any number of lap times can be stopped during an additive time measurement.

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