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The ultimate chronograph

The TRIPLE SPLIT introduces a new dimension of measuring time. It is the world’s first mechanical split-seconds chronograph that allows multi-hour comparative time measurements. This is possible thanks to the triple rattrapante mechanism for seconds, minutes and hours. Thus, the TRIPLE SPLIT can precisely measure and compare single and additive times, an unlimited number of intermediate and reference times, and two concurrently started events that last as long as twelve hours ‒ to an accuracy of one-sixth of a second.


The development of a triple rattrapante mechanism that controls three hand pairs collectively or separately confronted the engineers with enormous technical challenges. Even a simple rattrapante mechanism has two hands attached to arbors that run one inside the other. In the case of the triple rattrapante mechanism, this arrangement is three-fold: two seconds hands as well as two hands each for the minute counter and the hour counter. For the watchmakers, the multiple arbor configurations require the ultimate in dexterity and extreme patience in adjusting the endshakes.

Discover the models

2 Models of the TRIPLE SPLIT

Movement L132.1

Number of movement parts


Number of rubies


Number of screwed gold chatons


Power reserve

55 hours when fully wound

Oscillation system

Frequency: 21600 semi-oscillations per hour

Beat-adjustment system: Screw balance

Movement measures

Diameter: 30.6 mm; height: 9.4 mm

Movement Movement