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Beyond the classic minute repeater

The RICHARD LANGE MINUTE REPEATER puts the focus on one of the most sophisticated chiming functions with a minute repeater that is classic but stands out with contemporary finesse. When the integrated slide is actuated, the striking mechanism sounds the time in hours, quarter hours and minutes. Our most experienced watchmakers meticulously tune each of the 50 limited-edition watches like a precious musical instrument. With the newly developed L122.1 manufacture calibre, the three-part enamel dial crafted in-house and a platinum case that is water resistant to 2 bar (20 metres), this masterpiece lives up to the loftiest expectations as well.

Close-up of movement L122.1 of the The RICHARD LANGE MINUTE REPEATER

Movement L122.1

When the repeater sequence is activated, the sapphire-crystal caseback reveals exactly how the mirror-polished gong hammers execute the respective sequence of strikes on the two gongs that are wrapped around the movement. A refined system of artistically choreographed racks, snails, levers, and wheels controls the 191-part mechanism. The chiming mechanism also provides a pause elimination feature. It skips the otherwise common pause between the hour and minute strike when no double tone must be struck for the quarter hours in the first 14 minutes after the top of the hour.

Chiming mechanism of the RICHARD LANGE MINUTE REPEATER

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