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While thinking in circles is conventional in watchmaking, we factor in the particular design principle based on the triangle when we develop watches. Models such as the LANGE 1 MOON PHASE, the RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS and the DATOGRAPH UP/DOWN incorporate the most simple defined shape in geometry.

Compositions that include this classic basic shape are a hallmark of significant works of neoclassicism. According to philosopher Friedrich Hegel, the principle of the triangle is even at the basis of mind, nature and logic. And in terms of music, the transposed form constitutes a central element of harmonics: the triad.

In keeping with this principle, we would like to present three exceptional watches that impressively embody the aesthetics of the triangle.

Design meets timelessness – THE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE

The LANGE 1 symbolises our continued quest for new concepts and represents a courageous new beginning. The harmonious dial layout is achieved with the arrangement of the displays in the form of an isosceles triangle. Its imaginary vertical baseline connects the centre of the outsize date display with the arbors of the power reserve and subsidiary seconds. The tip of the triangle lies in the centre of the main dial.

This sophisticated design can also be found today in our LANGE 1 MOON PHASE and therefore continues to symbolise our pursuit of our own way of watchmaking.

The LANGE 1 MOON PHASE merges elements of classic Saxon precision watchmaking prowess, for instance screwed gold chatons and the three-quarter plate made of untreated German silver, with trailblazing innovations such as the off-centre dial configuration and the outsize date ‒ transforming this timepiece into a pioneering example of classic watchmaking artistry.


The specific dial design of the jumping seconds can be traced back to the renowned observation watches. When Alexander von Humboldt undertook his legendary expedition to Latin America, the pocket watches taken along provided invaluable services, for example in determining sidereal or solar time.

One of his most important scientific instruments was a chronometer built by Saxon precision watchmaker Johann Heinrich Seyffert, the then director of the Dresden Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments. It featured separate zones for the display of hours, minutes and seconds arranged in triangular fashion. The so-called regulator dial assures excellent legibility even under poor light conditions, such as prevalent on expeditions.

The characteristic dial design of the RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS evokes memories of that particular era with its courageous explorers and pioneering researchers embarking on a quest for insights on land, at sea or in the air.

A paragon of chronograph construction – THE DATOGRAPH UP/DOWN

Like its predecessor, our DATOGRAPH UP/DOWN undisputedly constitutes a milestone in the art of horology and clearly stands out in the category of chronographs, thanks to our evident interpretation of the triangle principle. Both totalisers were moved downwards to counterbalance the outsize date ‒ integrated in a chronograph for the very first time ‒ thus generating a harmonious dial configuration. Devising this design concept required the utmost in creativity and prowess from our watchmakers. The result was a movement that still today establishes benchmarks.

Further noteworthy features include the precisely jumping minute counter and the rare flyback mechanism. The chrono coupling lever positioned in the centre of the fourth wheel presented an additional challenge. From whatever angle it is observed, the DATOGRAPH UP/DOWN is a marvel of technology.

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Manufacture movements
Manufacture movements
Every A. Lange & Söhne timepiece is equipped with a manufacture movement. To be more precise: all calibres are developed, crafted, finished and assembled in our manufacture in Glashütte. Because it is our clear commitment to exclusively use our own movements.
Twofold assembly
Twofold assembly
Be it a simple model or a highly sophisticated timepiece – at A. Lange & Söhne, every movement is assembled twice.
Every year, we present several new models, mostly with new movements or new colour variations.

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