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Engineering prowess with artisanal perfection

The lining burin resembles a flat burin, but its cutting edge has sharp teeth. To execute the tremblage on the dial of the ZEITWERK HANDWERKSKUNST presented in 2012, the engraver manually guides the custom-crafted lining burin across the black-rhodiumed white gold in different directions. The lavish finissage underscores the technical sophistication of the digital jumping numerals display.

Close-up of movement L043.4

Movement L043.4

A special feature of the watch presented in a limited edition of 30 pieces is that the lever and escape wheel are made of hardened 18-carat gold according to a historic role model, the so-called Glashütte lever escapement. The material was chosen because it is insensitive to magnetic fields; common present-day antimagnetic steel alloys did not yet exist in the 19th century. The covered pallets are slightly domed and reduce the friction between them and the escape wheel.

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Jumping numerals mechanism
Jumping numerals mechanism
The ZEITWERK is a mechanically driven digital-display watch.
Constant-force escapement
Constant-force escapement
The purpose of a constant-force escapement in a mechanical watch is to provide the escapement with a consistent flow of power, regardless of whether the watch is fully wound or nearly unwound.
Handwerkskunst editions
Handwerkskunst editions
Since 2011, our HANDWERKSKUNST models have been taking the finissage of cases, movements, and dials to a new level of excellence.

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