Care and handling

To ensure that your timepiece functions as perfectly as on the first day, we recommend that you follow a few instructions. Detailed information on setting and handling your watch can be found in the operating instructions. You can also find more information in our FAQ

Care and operating instructions

Technical drawing of a winding crown


If you turn the crown back after full winding about one revolution, you relieve the movement and the locking mechanism can click in securely.


Keeping the rotor of an automatic watch movement in motion with a watch winder has a positive effect on the lubrication of the bearings and may also eliminate the need to adjust the calendar.

Technical drawing of a calendar display on the dial

Setting the displays

Different displays have to be set depending on which model you have chosen. In order to protect the filigree mechanics from unintentional operating errors, protective mechanisms – some of which are even patented – are used in our movements. Nevertheless, please read the operating instructions carefully before setting your watch for the first time. For many models we also offer a video tutorial, which makes the setting even more descriptive.

Technical drawing of an A. Lange & Söhne outsize date

Date display

If you have not worn your watch with date display for a long time, you must check whether the hands are showing a time before or after 12 noon when resetting the time. To do this, move the hour hand past 12 once and see whether the date changes. If it moves forward, the hour hand is showing midnight. If it does not, the hour hand is showing noon. Now the hands are positioned correctly and you can set the date.


In order to avoid malfunctions, we do not recommend resetting the date display between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. During this time, various elements of the date mechanism engage with the movement. Sometimes different intervals of time apply for models with calendar function. Detailed information can be found in the operating instructions for your watch.

Technical drawing of a day/night indicator on the dial.

Day/night indicator

If you have not worn your watch with day/night indicator for a long time, please consider checking whether the day/night indicator is showing a time before or after 12 noon when setting the time. If the hands and the day/night indicator are positioned correctly, you can set the date.

General information

Pictogram of an A. Lange & Söhne watch that needs to be protected against water and moisture.



Prior to delivery, your Lange watch is checked for water resistance at a pressure of 3 bar. This ensures that it is protected against splash water and comparable water contact. However, your watch is not designed for bathing or sauna visits.



The ODYSSEUS model withholds a test pressure of up to 12 bar and thus can be worn while showering, swimming or jumping into the water (no high diving).

Pictogram of an A. Lange & Söhne watch exposed to shocks or vibrations.



Your Lange watch is a delicate mechanical masterpiece and is not indestructible. You should therefore avoid heavy shocks and tremors, for example, when doing manual work or sport.

Pictogram of an A. Lange & Söhne watch exposed to magnetism.



Magnetic fields such as those generated by cell phones, handbag clasps or electronic devices of all kinds will not directly damage your watch but do influence its rate accuracy or even cause it to stop running. If a compass needle moves as soon as your watch – face down – nears the compass, this is a sign that the watch is magnetised. You can have this checked and remedied within the scope of a service intervention.

Pictogram of an A. Lange & Söhne watch with a scratched case



Please note that any contact between your watch and harder objects such as chains and pieces of jewellery you wear on your wrist may lead to scratches on the case, particularly if the case is made of gold.

More information on customer service

An A. Lange & Söhne watchmaker carefully assembles the small parts of a movement.

Service offer


Our service offer includes the movement overhaul and the optional refurbishment of case and buckle. Depending on what is required, we also conduct extensive repairs. You can also renew your leather strap or have the precious-metal bracelet refurbished.



Your Lange watch is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. For a watch you have purchased from a Lange boutique and registered with us, the boutique offers an additional one-year guarantee. For a maintenance or repair outside the guarantee period, we grant a new 24-month guarantee.

A. Lange & Söhne Boutique with current exhibits.

Service contact points


Submitting a Lange watch to an authorised Lange dealer or boutique for overhaul is the easiest and most convenient way to perfect service. If the timepiece is to be sent directly to the manufactory in Glashütte or to one of our service centres for overhaul, please note the following shipping instructions.