Making sure your Lange watch arrives safely

Submitting a Lange watch for overhaul to one of the authorised jewellers or dealers is the simplest and most convenient way to obtain perfect service. If you personally wish to ship your timepiece for overhaul to the Lange manufactory in Glashütte or to one of the service centres, please observe the following shipping notes.

General shipping notes


When you ship a watch to the Lange manufactory or to a Lange service centre, please make sure it is adequately cushioned and well-packaged. We recommend that you commission a valuables forwarder. Remember that the consignment must be insured to its full value.

Please note that our boutiques, the Lange service centres and our authorised retailers cannot forward pre-1994 timepieces that need to be overhauled. In such cases, we kindly ask you to ship your watch directly to the Lange manufactory at your expense.

Guidelines for shipping into the European Union


If your domicile is outside the European Union and you wish to send a watch to the Lange manufactory, you also need to comply with customs formalities:


  • You will need to issue a separate pro-forma invoice for each watch that you send to Glashütte. It must mention: sender, recipient, reference number, case number, and commercial value of the watch.

  • Please inform us of your shipment 48 hours in advance by faxing the pro-forma invoice to the service centre of your choice.

  • If you forward the watch by mail, you must also prepare an export declaration containing the details mentioned in item 1. This document is indispensable for exports from your country to make sure the watch can be re-imported after completion of the overhaul at A. Lange & Söhne.

  • If you ask a shipping agency to forward the watch, you can ask that service provider to prepare the export documents; this normally involves an extra charge.

  • Please always remove the alligator strap before shipping your watch! Due to strict species protection legislation, watches with alligator straps will be confiscated by the EU customs authorities unless accompanied by valid CITES documents (yellow CITES paper and respective CITES import/export authorisation).