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The new era of the mechanical watch The ZEITWERK watch family

Hour numeral of a ZEITWERK with a black dial

When they developed the ZEITWERK, Lange’s engineers questioned everything – except the mechanical paradigm. The result is a digital-display watch that no doubt ranks among the most progressive timepieces of our epoch. Its trailblazing concept with mechanically driven, precisely jumping numerals is unparalleled in watchmaking and appeals even to individuals who could not imagine that they would ever wear a digital timepiece.

ZEITWERK: the new era of the mechanical watch

Display: The new era of the mechanical watch. We hover over the ZEITWERK. It advances from 7.51 to 7.52. We explore details like the small seconds and the AUF/AB (UP/DOWN) power reserve. In the imposing finely decorated movement, we can accompany the action of the constant-force escapement and the advancing of all three jumping numerals discs on the hour. A second model, the ZEITWERK Minute Repeater, presents its characteristic face with the two exposed striking mechanism hammers. The hours hammer and the minutes hammer mark the current time in a close-up view.
ZEITWERK in white gold with a black dial


in white gold

A category of its own


The ZEITWERK is the first mechanical wristwatch that displays hours and minutes with jumping numerals. Its innovative concept comes to the fore with an inimitable design. The time bridge is one of the most prominent signature elements of its dial. It is part of the movement and constitutes the stage for all time indications.

The apertures for the hours and minutes are arranged from left to right; the numerals are large and crisply legible. With its iconic digital display concept, the ZEITWERK sets itself apart in the plethora of analogue mechanical watches, establishing a category of its own.

Digital display – mechanical movement


In the past, the concept of the mechanical digital watch was implemented on several occasions but never in a really reliable manifestation. Lange’s masters solved the conceptual challenge with a jumping numerals mechanism that consists of three discs. The tremendous force needed to advance the discs is delivered by a patented mainspring barrel, and the precise timing is controlled by a patented constant-force escapement.

Assembly of a time bridge as well as the hour and minute numerals

A prominent design feature of the ZEITWERK watch family: the time bridge.

Black discs with white numerals for the hours, the tens-minutes, and the units-minutes

The jumping numerals mechanism is based on three discs for the hours, the tens-minutes, and the units-minutes.

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