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The exact journey of the moon around the Earth

Since the dawn of humanity, the waxing and waning of the moon have fascinated mankind ‒ in spite of the fact that we have known for quite a while that the shape and size of the moon only appear to be changing during its journey around our planet. In actual fact, the changes in its appearance are due to its constellation relative to the earth and the sun. A phenomenon that the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna” reproduces with such precision ‒ hardly any other mechanical timepiece is in the same league.

Anthony de Haas reviews the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR "Terraluna"


Close-up of movement L096.1 of the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR "Terraluna"

Movement L096.1

As long as the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna” is worn, it reveals nothing about the moon because its patented orbital moon-phase display can only be admired through the sapphire-crystal caseback of the watch. It shows the current moon phase as well as the positions of the moon and sun as an observer in the northern hemisphere would see them. Once correctly set, the moon-phase display is so precise that if the watch runs without interruption, it will take 1058 years before a correction by one day is required.

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Moon-phase display
Moon-phase display
Most of our moon-phase displays reproduce the moon’s orbit with a precision of 99.998 per cent.
Richard and Emil Lange – rise and global renown
Richard and Emil Lange – rise and global renown
In 1868, gifted watch designer Richard Lange and skilled businessman Emil Lange became co-owners of their father’s company.
Calendar function
Calendar function
Lange models incorporate either annual calendars or perpetual calendars.

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