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逾200年来,陀飞轮一直是精准制表的典范。朗格于2008年推出的专利停秒装置,首度可随意停动陀飞轮并准确设定腕表。1815 TOURBILLON现更进一步,凭借归零功能,每当拉动表冠,秒针便会跳回零位。这使腕表可进行精确设定,并以一秒间的准确度重新启动。

The 1815 TOURBILLON Pink Gold by A. Lange & Söhne
The special feature of the 1815 TOURBILLON is the complex tourbillon with stop-seconds and a ZERO-RESET mechanism.

朗格首度在1815 TOURBILLON的陀飞轮中融合专利停秒装置和归零功能。表盘展现1815腕表系列的典型设计元素,如外圈火车轨分钟刻度、阿拉伯数字、蓝钢指针和隐藏式中置部件,让人联想起历史悠久的怀表。

1815 TOURBILLON – 朗格

We begin with fragmented animated sequences, which together show a balance-wheel. They quickly give way to a mystically illuminated real tourbillon in black and white. Display: Precision masterpiece. The Tourbillon. But for over 200 years it was impossible to set the watch precisely. New animated sequences show a rotating tourbillon. An arresting spring comes into play, suddenly snapping home. Display: Until we stopped the tourbillon. In mystical views, the snapping action of the real arresting spring is shown from different perspectives. In the next animated sequence a zero-reset heart cam comes into play, being struck by the zero-reset hammer. Display: 1815 Tourbillon. With a stop-seconds mechanism and a zero-reset function. There follow a composition of aesthetic detail shots of the tourbillon and slow-motion shots of the stop-seconds and zero-reset functions. After several dial perspectives, the watch is presented in all its technical complexity and beauty.

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2 个型号: 1815 TOURBILLON

机芯 L102.1

Number of movement parts


Number of diamonds




Number of screwed gold chatons



72 小时动力储存(完全上链状态下)

Oscillation system

振频:每小时 21600次



直径: 32.6 毫米; 厚度: 6.6 毫米

机芯 机芯
机芯 机芯