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1815 family

Progress in precision

For over 200 years, the tourbillon has been the paragon of horological precision. Presented by Lange in 2008, the patented stop-seconds mechanism made it possible for the first time to stop the tourbillon at will and accurately set the watch. Now, the 1815 TOURBILLON takes this development a step further: thanks to the ZERO-RESET function, the seconds hand jumps to the zero position when the crown is pulled. This allows the watch to be precisely set and restarted with one-second accuracy.

Close-up of movement L102.1 of the 1815 TOURBILLON

Movement L102.1

For the first time, in the 1815 TOURBILLON, A. Lange & Söhne combined the patented stop-seconds mechanism for the tourbillon with the ZERO-RESET time-setting mechanism. The dial exhibits the typical design elements of the 1815 watch family that recall historic pocket watches: the peripheral railway-track minute scale, Arabic numerals, blued hands and a recessed central segment.

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Zero-reset mechanism
Zero-reset mechanism
With the ZERO-RESET mechanism, the movement stops and the seconds hand jumps to zero when the crown is pulled.
Tourbillon watches
Tourbillon watches
The tourbillon improves the rate accuracy of a mechanical timepiece by overcoming the influence of gravity on the running of a watch.
Twofold assembly
Twofold assembly
Be it a simple model or a highly sophisticated timepiece – at A. Lange & Söhne, every movement is assembled twice.

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