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SAXONIA DUAL TIME reference 386.026

The Whole World Within Push-Button Reach

With the SAXONIA DUAL TIME, the traveller has a connection to home on his wrist at all times. A second hour hand in blued steel displays home time. Additionally, a small 24-hour display at 12 o’clock provides crucial information. It is synchronised with home time and indicates whether it is day or night at home.

Close-up pf movement L086.2 of the SAXONIA DUAL TIME

Movement L086.2

Local time is displayed with the gold hands. As long as the watch is used at home in the basic mode, only the gold hour hand is visible – the blued-steel hour hand runs underneath and with it, out of sight. It does not appear until the gold hour hand is set to the time zone of the owner’s travel destination. This is easily done with one of the two buttons on the left-hand side of the case. Each time the upper button is actuated, the gold hour hand will advance by one hour; the lower button moves it in the opposite direction.

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