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In unison with time

The digital time indication of the ZEITWERK models was what inspired the innovative striking mechanism of the ZEITWERK DECIMAL STRIKE HONEYGOLD. In contrast to classic strikeworks in analogue watches that intonate hours and quarter-hours, its ten-minute striking mechanism is synchronised with the digital display. With a low-pitched tone, it sounds the full hours and with a higher-pitched tone every elapsed ten-minute interval.

The decimal strike mechanism

Close-up of movement L043.7 of the ZEITWERK DECIMAL STRIKE HONEYGOLD

Movement L043.7

When the button in the lower right-hand case flank is actuated, the two gong hammers deflect away from the gongs and remain there. This allows the striking function to be deactivated if required. The technical concept of the timepiece, presented in a limited edition of 100, is remarkable, but so is the material from which the case and hands are crafted: it is HONEYGOLD, a particularly hard precious metal patented by and proprietary to A. Lange & Söhne. Since 2010, it has been used for select models of the manufacture.

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Jumping numerals mechanism
Jumping numerals mechanism
The ZEITWERK is a mechanically driven digital-display watch.
Striking mechanisms
Striking mechanisms
Watches with a minute repeater or other striking mechanisms make time audible. Given their horological intricacy, these models are among the most elaborate and rare timepieces in the realm of precision watchmaking.
Decimal minute repeater
Decimal minute repeater
The ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER couples the strikework with a digital display, relying on the principle of the jumping numerals mechanism.

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