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A True Lange with All Senses

The ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is the first mechanical wristwatch that combines a jumping numerals display with a decimal minute repeater. Its technically highly sophisticated mechanism sounds the time on demand.

A. Lange & Söhne now presents this technically exceptional timepiece in a limited 30-watch edition with a grey dial, and a case crafted from Lange-exclusive honey gold (HONEYGOLD®) ‒ according the watch a singular sound. On demand, a low-pitched tone is sounded for each elapsed hour, a double tone for each elapsed ten-minute period, and a high-pitched tone for each elapsed minute. 

Perfecting the Sound

The acoustic time indication of the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER HONEYGOLD is endowed with an individual, expressive sound. Its unique sonority and acoustic characteristics are attributable to the honey-gold alloy of the case that serves as a resonant body. It produces a lucid, reverberant sound, paired with a rich and warm timbre.

Anthony de Haas, Director Product Development at A. Lange & Söhne, and a passionate drummer, explains: “Every minute repeater has its own, one-of-a-kind sound. Apart from the gongs and gong hammers, the case material has the greatest impact on the sound. Similar to a musical instrument, different tone colours and sound impressions are created, depending on the material used.”

One Button, Multiple Safety Mechanisms

In keeping with their drive to do things differently, the Lange watchmakers explored new avenues when they designed the exterior and interior architecture of this watch. For instance, the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER comes with a unique button mechanism for triggering the repeater. Because the required power is delivered by the twin mainspring barrel, there is no need for a slide ‒ common in minute repeaters – to tension a separate spring.

To guarantee the flawless interaction of the complex mechanical ensemble, elaborate mechanisms were integrated in the interior of the watch. To assure that the repeater sequence is not prematurely interrupted, the striking mechanism can no longer be activated if the remaining power reserve is less than twelve hours. 

While the repeater is working, the switching action of the numerals discs is delayed and the crown cannot be pulled. This precaution ensures that the strikework sampling sequence and the acoustic indication of time are not impaired.

The Big Jump

With their precisely jumping numerals display, the ZEITWERK models stand for uncompromising purity of design. With a gentle click and hardly discernible to the human eye, the patented jumping numerals mechanism advances from minute to minute until, at the full hour, all three numerals discs simultaneously jump forward by precisely one increment.

An exceptionally strong mainspring is required to handle these switching actions. It is equally important to assure the controlled deceleration of the abruptly accelerated discs to rule out damage to the movement. This is done with a fly governor that absorbs excess energy after each switching sequence.

Patented Power Management

As in all models of the ZEITWERK watch family, the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER features a patented constant-force escapement between the barrel and the balance. It acts as a pacemaker for the instantaneous advance of the numerals discs in one-minute intervals.

At the same time, it makes an important contribution to rate stability by assuring that the balance – regardless of the state of wind of the watch and despite energy-consuming switching processes – is powered with a consistent amount of force across the entire power-reserve duration.

Close-up of the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER movement L043.5

Manufacture Calibre L043.5

Composed of 771 parts, the manufacture calibre L043.5 is finished by hand with extreme care and utmost patience. Of the 93 jewels, three are set in screwed gold chatons.

The balance with eccentric poising weights and a freely oscillating balance spring crafted in-house beats with 18,000 semi-oscillations per hour. The hand-engraved balance cock – the artistic signature of all Lange watches – was given a design counterpart: the escape-wheel cock engraved with the same motif.

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